A judge who sends babies back into hell, will snuff out anyone as well.

  1. As always we welcome YOUR  input. Please share your experiences and opinions.Write as you wish.
     Really Your honor?!

    Bro Martinez and others who are here today,
    I want to repeat that the issue is NOT complicated, and the legislature HAS passed laws designed to prevent children from being returned to violent and neglecting parents.  But the legislature must continue to pass  laws to force corrupt courts to follow the law.
    It is up to us to make sure the world knows.
    I want to commend Edgar for his bravery in sharing the details of his story. I don’t know him, so I cannot speak on the merits of his case:
    BUT his situation is real.      

    The corruption, and so the physical danger to the child and to him, are REAL.  In Mexico AND here in Texas, pompous and vindictive judges and court appointees do hate those who disagree, and do take revenge.
    However, sharing these events is absolutely necessary to fix the situation of child abuse, and the stupidity that the arrogance from power, brings.
    The first thing we must get the judiciary to understand is that, anyone who loves a child will not, CAN NOT, send him back to the adults who were in the household during the period when he was tortured and starved.
    This is fundamental to the word love, and to the responsibility of the courts, and child protective services.
    Sending a child back tells the child EXACTLY what is felt about him.
    If a judge were to say this to a rape victim: “Yes he raped you, and beat you, and brutalized you, but he loves you with all his heart, and now you must go and live with him and he will be in charge of your body. He will have the power to bathe you, or not. Feed you or not. Not rape you, or do. And the court is sending you there because we love you. He deserves another chance, and you will be helpless when he violates you again. But that’s okay, because women are are resilient, and he says he won’t rape you again like he has all those days and nights before.”                                                      The judge could save time by just saying; “We on the court are too busy, or just too stupid, to do anything else but send you back.”
    This part of the issue is NOT complicated. STOP SENDING THE CHILDREN BACK.


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