Here is a comment posted in reply to Dr. Bill Anderson on
 December 31, 2013

Mr. Bill Anderson this story broke my heart, I am fighting the abuse and neglect of my own son, I been trying to protect my son since he was born, 5 years ago. My son was born with brain damage due to medical neglect. His mother don’t provide for him any neurological medical care and Therapies that he badly needs. Neither she provides basic hygiene, or protect him from witness her sexual activities, as a result my kid is traumatized in addition to small and grand ziezures that had extended his brain damage.
It took me 2 years just to get the neurological test, because his mother denied he had a brain injury and she prevent me access to my son to take him to a specialist. The EE and TAC showed his brain damage is now much worse from when he was born, The Neuropediatrycian recommended antizeizure medication and a series of therapies for his educational and neurological deficits.

My son and I are American citizens and I married my son’s mother in Eagle Pass Texas, but she lives in Mexico, trying to protect my son I filed for divorce in Bexar County and I got temporary custody but I didn’t know about The Haya convention exist, and my own Goverment with the State Deparmmment defended my wife free of charge, ( it cost me about 65000.00) a Federal Judge diecided that I should fight custody of my child in Mexico and I been doing that for 2 years, but the corruption and negligence of Mexican Official is unbelievable. I had to go to court to be able to get my son neurological tests, and after the EE and TAC shows my son needs medical attention and therapies her mother don’t allows the treatments, and the child protective services do nothing to protect my kid, neither the family judge, their negligence and corruption is incredible, they destroyed evidence that I introduce in court, because until recently before I got the test done, they said my son was healty.
I need your advise, and I need to bring public attention to this case. I believe my son shouldn’t had been sent back to Mexico, because he is an American Citizen, and because some of the Therapies don’t even exist in Mexico, and her mother don’t even make the effort to give him the care he needs.
Please help my Litle boy, his life is going to be pretty bad if the Govermment don’t allow me to provide for him medical attention.
He has doble citizenship and US and Mexican Govermment has let him down. I have provided both courts with fotos, videos, documents, and medical diagnosis to document my son neglect.
I will appreciate any advise.

E. M.


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