Child Abuse Texas December 17 2013

                                      Our purpose    is to is to find, and EXPOSE, the reasons that Texas has such high rates of assault on children by their parents.

Euphemistically referred to as child abuse.

    Whatever the reason child abuse STARTS,

we’ld like to consider why it CONTINUES here.

     As always we welcome YOUR  input. 

Please share your experiences and opinions.

Write as you wish.

This site is not censored or moderated.    

       (If you post something and then later  regret it,  simply  post a reply to your original post and  ask   for it to be deleted.  I’ll get to it as soon as possible.)


Bill Anderson writes today:

       Thanks Jim,


         You are quite right about the statistics.

 I have been involved in the system of this county for 10 years now.

 The research done in Texas on perpetrators, and my own findings support your statements.

 With one exception, the mother is more likely to be married and living with her husband.

         Biological mother,

         Between 26-34 y.o.

        Married (and not separated)

       With a documented history of abusing or neglecting a child previously.

 This last finding is an extremely frightening phenomenon.

 It means that

     1. the person has already done these things,   

     2. been in the system,

     3. and has not changed.

    The 4th point may seem counter -intuitive, but repeated analysis shows these people are better at hiding assault and starvation of their children while at the same time there is less need for them to hide it.

     Once a child is returned to an abusive or neglecting biological parent there is a commitment by the court system and DFPS to avoid looking foolish.

    Further outcries by the child, no matter how obvious or horrific, are almost never accepted as anything but lies put into the child’s head by the people who had rescued the child.

        It baffles humanity that even if true that negative comments against the abuser do occur, negative comments are thought such an evil that the child is sent back to the abuser even when that abuser has nearly killed the child over time.

     The abusive parent, now with the protection of the state is almost never confronted again over further out-cries. So for the research to show that MOST already have a history, there are far far more who go reported and yet uninvestigated, and the child suffers very painfully.

Bill Anderson MD PhD




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